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Immigration to the United States: Quiz


Question 1:
When was the Immigration to the United States?
February 2009
January 2009
11th century

Question 2: Contemporary immigrants settle predominantly in seven states: ________, New York, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Illinois.
Los AngelesSacramento, CaliforniaSan Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia

Question 3: American immigration (immigration to the United States of America) refers to the movement of non-residents to the ________.
United StatesPhilippinesCanadaAlaska

Question 4: [53] In ________, non-Hispanic whites slipped from 80% of the state's population in 1970 to 43% in 2006.
Sacramento, CaliforniaSan Jose, CaliforniaCaliforniaLos Angeles

Question 5: Paul Ehrlich made the point that a state or nation may have a large land area or considerable wealth (which implies, by conventional wisdom, that ________ should not be at play), and yet be overpopulated.
Food securityOverpopulationFamineWorld population

Question 6: [95][96] There has also been an increase in violence between European Americans and Latino immigrants, and between African immigrants and ________.
African-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)African AmericanGreat Migration (African American)African American culture

Question 7: At present, the ________ is working towards resettling more than 60,000 of these refugees in the US as third country settlement programme.
AlaskaUnited StatesCanadaPhilippines

Question 8: In 1991-92, ________ expelled roughly 100,000 ethnic Nepalis, most of whom have been living in seven refugee camps in eastern Nepal ever since.
United Arab EmiratesCambodiaMalaysiaBhutan

Question 9: Hispanic immigrants across the United States are being hit hard by the ________.
Subprime crisis impact timelineUnited States housing market correctionRegulatory responses to the subprime crisisSubprime mortgage crisis

Question 10: Immigration from areas of high incidence of disease is thought to have fueled the resurgence of tuberculosis (TB), ________, and hepatitis in areas of low incidence.
LeishmaniasisVisceral leishmaniasisChagas diseaseAfrican trypanosomiasis


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