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Imidazoles: Quiz


Question 1:
How is Azathioprine excreted?
Biliar, renal
Renal 90%, biliary 10%
~90% renal
Renal, minimally

Question 2:
How is Losartan excreted?
Renal and biliary
Renal 13u201325%, biliary 50u201360%
Mostly biliary
Renal , biliary

Question 3:
What is the molecular weight of Ondansetron?
518.05 g/mol
293.4 g/mol
301.72438 g/mol
209.24 g/mol

Question 4:
How is Ketoconazole excreted?
Biliary , renal
Renal and biliary, mostly as mecillinam
Biliary and renal
90% renal as glucuronides, rest biliary

Question 5:
How is Pilocarpine excreted?
Fecal and renal
faecal 47%
Renal: 93%


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