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Imaginationland Episode III: Quiz


Question 1: In the real world, Kyle wakes up in ________ Memorial Hospital, where Cartman is undergoing preparations in anticipation of Kyle sucking his balls.
Washington, D.C.Phoenix, ArizonaAtlantaBoston

Question 2: "Imaginationland Episode III", or "Moistening of the Scrotum" (as it appears on DVD), is episode 1112 (#165) of ________'s animated TV series South Park.
Comedy CentralNickelodeon (TV channel)MTVMTV2

Question 3: [1] It is the concluding episode in a three-part story arc that won the 2008 ________ for Outstanding Animated Program for One Hour or More.
Daytime Emmy AwardSports Emmy AwardEmmy Award27th Sports Emmy Awards

Question 4: As an army of evil imaginary creatures marches towards the castle, Aslan, ________ and Luke Skywalker inform Butters that, as a real person, he has the ability to manifest things in Imaginationland by using his imagination.

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