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Question 1: On the other hand, in ________, line or fringe resolution refers to the minimum separation detectable between adjacent parallel lines (e.g.
Scanning electron microscopeTransmission electron microscopyElectron microscopeGold

Question 2: 350×240 (260 lines): ________
DVDVideo CDLaserdiscSuper Video CD

Question 3: Radiometric resolution determines how finely a system can represent or distinguish differences of intensity, and is usually expressed as a number of levels or a number of ________, for example 8 bits or 256 levels which is typical of computer image files.
ByteRecord (computer science)Character (computing)Bit

Question 4: In ________ (GISs), spatial resolution is measured by the ground sample distance (GSD) of an image, the pixel spacing on the Earth's surface.
CartographyGeographic information systemHuman geographyGeography

Question 5: Multi-spectral images resolve even finer differences of spectrum or ________ than is needed to reproduce color.
LightElectromagnetic radiationWavelengthDiffraction

Question 6:
  • 720×480 (520 lines): ________, DVD, miniDV, Digital8, Digital Betacam (pro)
    Blu-ray DiscDigital-SHD DVDD-VHS

Question 7: The time resolution used for movies is usually 15 to 30 ________ ( frame/s), while high-speed cameras may resolve 100 to 1000 frame/s, or even more.
NTSCVideoFrame rateInterlace

Question 8: 560×480 (420 lines): LaserDisc, Super VHS, ________
8 mm video formatVideoBlu-ray DiscBetacam

Question 9: 10,000×7000 (7000 lines): ________, IMAX HD, OMNIMAX
CinemaScopeLetterboxIMAX35 mm film

Question 10: The term resolution is often used as a pixel count in digital imaging, even though American, Japanese, and international standards specify that it should not be so used, at least in the ________ field.
Digital single-lens reflex cameraDigital photographyDigital cameraRGB color model


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