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Question 1: In ________ and XHTML , an image map is a list of coordinates relating to a specific image, created in order to hyperlink areas of the image to various destinations (as opposed to a normal image link, in which the entire area of the image links to a single destination).
OpenDocumentHTMLECMAScriptPortable Document Format

Question 2: This functionality cannot be implemented using pure HTML, but can be implemented when a Clickable image is built using a programming environment such as XHTML with ________, ECMAScript and Java.
HTML5 videoDocument Object ModelCascading Style SheetsHTML5

Question 3: When using an editor capable of layering images such as Photoshop or ________, sections of the image may be cut and pasted in place over a copy of the image which has reduced brightness.
GNOMEGIMPGNU Compiler CollectionGNU

Question 4: Examples of these are Adobe's Dreamweaver or KImageMapEditor (for KDE), and the imagemap plugin found in ________
GNU Compiler CollectionGIMPGNOMEGNU

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