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Question 1: In this wider sense, images can also be rendered manually, such as by drawing, painting, carving, rendered automatically by printing or ________ technology, or developed by a combination of methods, especially in a pseudo-photograph.
Scientific visualization2D computer graphicsComputer graphicsRendering (computer graphics)

Question 2: They may be captured by optical devices—such as ________, mirrors, lenses, telescopes, microscopes, etc.
PhotographyCameraDigital single-lens reflex cameraRangefinder camera

Question 3: This may be a reflection of an object by a mirror, a projection of a ________, or a scene displayed on a cathode ray tube.
OpticsAlhazenPinhole cameraCamera obscura

Question 4: A ________ exists in an individual's mind: something one remembers or imagines.
Mental imageRené DescartesGottfried LeibnizConsciousness

Question 5: The development of synthetic acoustic technologies and the creation of ________ have led to a consideration of the possibilities of a sound-image made up of irreducible phonic substance beyond linguistic or musicological analysis.
Sound artSoundscapeNo WaveNoise (music)

Question 6: This phrase is used in ________, visual media and the computer industry to emphasize that one is not talking about movies, or in very precise or pedantic technical writing such as a standard.
HolographyPhotographyCameraDigital photography

Question 7: A fixed image, also called a hard copy, is one that has been recorded on a material object, such as ________ or textile by photography or digital processes.
Fourdrinier machinePulp (paper)PapermakingPaper

Question 8: A moving image is typically a movie (film), or video, including ________.
BetacamDigital videoHDVBlu-ray Disc

Question 9: and natural objects and phenomena, such as the human ________ or water surfaces.
EyeNervous systemBrainSensory system

Question 10: An image (from ________ imago) is an artifact, for example a two-dimensional picture, that has a similar appearance to some subject—usually a physical object or a person.
Old LatinLatinVulgar LatinRoman Empire

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