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Ilyushin Il-38: Quiz


Question 1: Powerplant: 4× Progress AI-20M ________, 3,170 kW (4,250 hp) each

Question 2: Production, which continued until 1972, was limited to 58 aircraft, as the longer range and more versatile Tupolev Tu-142 derivative of the ________ strategic bomber had entered service.
Tupolev Tu-22Tupolev Tu-95Tupolev Tu-160Tupolev Tu-22M

Question 3: Il-38s continued to deploy overseas through the Cold War, flying from ________ in South Yemen, Asmera in what was then Ethiopia, Libya and Syria.
CairoAden ProtectorateSomaliaAden

Question 4: Indian modifications included fitting pylons to the fuselage side to carry the Sea Eagle ________.
Air-to-air missileAnti-tank guided missileAnti-ship missileCruise missile

Question 5: In March 1968 a squadron of Il-38s deployed to ________ in Egypt, flown by Soviet crews but in Egyptian markings, until being withdrawn in 1972.

Question 6: The Il-38 developed from the ________ turboprop transport.
Ilyushin Il-14Ilyushin Il-76Ilyushin Il-18Ilyushin Il-62

Question 7: The 'Ilyushin Il-38' (NATO reporting name: "May") is a maritime patrol and ________ aircraft.
Anti-submarine weaponNaval mineAnti-submarine warfareDestroyer


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