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Ilokano language: Quiz


Question 1: Although their homeland constitutes the provinces of ________, Ilocos Sur, La Union and Abra, their population has spread east and south of their original territorial borders.
Ilocos RegionPangasinanIlocos NorteLaoag City

Question 2:
What family does Ilokano language belong to?

Question 3:
What region does Ilokano language belong to?
Oenpelli, Goulburn Island, Northern Territory
Northern Luzon
Central Luzon Region III
Luzon Island

Question 4: Ilocano animistic past offers a rich background in folklore, mythology and superstition (see ________).
BathalaPhilippine mythologyReligion in the PhilippinesPulahan

Question 5: [citation needed] In the 20th century, many Ilokano families moved to ________ and further south to Mindanao.
Valenzuela CityQuezon CityPhilippinesMetro Manila

Question 6: Ilokano's vocabulary has a closer affinity to languages from ________.
IndonesiaBorneoMalaysiaSoutheast Asia

Question 7: The ________ /u/ becomes [w] before another vowel; and the close front unrounded vowel /i/, [j].
Open front unrounded vowelClose-mid back rounded vowelClose back rounded vowelClose-mid front unrounded vowel

Question 8: Ilokano (Ti Pagsasao nga Iloko) (also called Ilocano, Iluko, Iloco, Iloko, Ylocano, and Yloco) is the third most-spoken language of the Republic of the ________.
East TimorUnited StatesPhilippinesPapua New Guinea

Question 9: Ilocanos are descendants of Austronesian-speaking people from southern China via ________.
MalaysiaBorneoSoutheast AsiaIndonesia

Question 10: It is recognized by the Commission on the Filipino Language as one of the major languages of the ________.
United StatesPapua New GuineaEast TimorPhilippines

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