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Question 1: [15] ________ gives as an image of society within an Illyrian kingdom as peasant infantry fought under aristocrats which he calls in Greek Polydynastae (Greek: Πολυδυνάστες) where each one controlled a town within the kingdom.
Ancient GreeceAlexander the GreatPolybiusSparta

Question 2: Very little is known about the Illyrians, though a number of them are assumed to have been united by a common ________.
Slavic peoplesIllyrian languagesThracian languageThracians

Question 3: The land of Illyria is the setting for William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, ________'s Les Mains Sales and in Lloyd Alexander's The Illyrian Adventure.
Jean-Paul SartreExistentialismGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelHenri Bergson

Question 4: [10] The most notable Illyrian kingdoms and dynasties were those of Bardyllis of the Dardani and of Agron of the ________ who created the last and best-known Illyrian kingdom.
List of ancient cities in IllyriaList of rulers of IllyriaIllyriansList of ancient tribes in Illyria

Question 5: The Romans defeated Gentius, the last king of Illyria, at ________ in 168 BC and captured him, bringing him to Rome in 165 BC.

Question 6: After crushing a revolt of Pannonians and ________, Roman administrators dissolved the province of Illyricum and divided its lands between the new provinces of Pannonia in the north and Dalmatia in the south.
IllyriansList of ancient cities in IllyriaList of rulers of IllyriaList of ancient tribes in Illyria

Question 7: In Greek mythology, the name of Illyria is aitiologically traced to Illyrius, the son of ________ and Harmonia, who eventually ruled Illyria and became the eponymous ancestor of the Illyrians.
ZeusCadmusSemeleEuropa (mythology)

Question 8: These later joined to form the ________.
IllyriansList of ancient cities in IllyriaList of rulers of IllyriaList of ancient tribes in Illyria

Question 9: The term Illyris is sometimes used to define an area (now in modern ________) north of the Aous valley such as Illyris Graeca.
AlbaniaCroatiaSerbiaBosnia and Herzegovina

Question 10: After the province of Illyricum was divided into Dalmatia and ________ in 10 AD, the terms "Illyria" and "Illyrian" would generally go out of use, but would still be used in some circles.
Roman BritainUpper PannoniaPannoniaDacia (Roman province)


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