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Illinois Territory: Quiz


Question 1:
  • ________, 1787-1803
    Laurentian Mixed Forest ProvinceNorthwest TerritoryDriftless AreaChicago metropolitan area

Question 2: ________ that encompass land that was once part of the Territory of Illinois:
ConnecticutColoradoU.S. stateMassachusetts

Question 3: During the ________, General George Rogers Clark (then a Colonel) took possession of the entire Illinois Country for Virginia, which formed the "county of Illinois" to exercise nominal governance over the area.
American Revolutionary WarUnited StatesNew York and New Jersey campaignSaratoga campaign

Question 4: The Territory of Illinois was an organized incorporated territory of the United States that existed from March 1, 1809, until December 3, 1818, when the southern portion of the territory was admitted to the Union as the ________.

Question 5: Virginia ceded nearly all of its claims to land north of the ________ in order to satisfy objections of land-locked states.
Ohio RiverKentuckyIndianaWest Virginia

Question 6: As Illinois was preparing to become a state, the remaining area of the territory was attached to the ________ and ceased using the name Illinois Territory.
Northwest TerritoryGerald FordMichigan TerritoryFord River Rouge Complex

Question 7: What was to become Illinois Territory was a portion of the larger Northwest Territory from 13 July 1787 until 4 July 1800, when the ________ was formed as Ohio prepared to become a state.
Jonathan JenningsTecumseh's WarIndiana TerritoryDavis Floyd

Question 8: The British gained authority over the region with the 1763 Treaty of Paris marking the end of the ________.
Seven Years' WarFort DuquesneFrench and Indian WarBraddock expedition

Question 9: The area that became the Illinois Territory was earlier known as ________ and was under French control, first as part of French Canada and then as part of Louisiana.
Illinois CountryNorthwest TerritoryMonroe County, IllinoisMississippi River

Question 10: The Illinois Territory originally included areas that became the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, the eastern portion of Minnesota, and the western portion of the upper peninsula of ________.


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