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Illegal immigration to the United States: Quiz


Question 1: Illegal immigrants trying to get to the United States via the Mexican border with southern Arizona are suspected of having caused eight major ________ in 2002.
Hotshot crewFire lookout towerWildfireWildfire suppression

Question 2: This is also the case in the instance of Sadia Umanzor, an illegal immigrant from ________ and the central figure of a November 17, 2007, New York Times story.
Dominican RepublicGuatemalaNicaraguaHonduras

Question 3: ________ (an advocate group interested in immigration reform)[102] using the U.S.
NumbersUSAIllegal immigration to the United StatesCenter for Immigration StudiesFederation for American Immigration Reform

Question 4: According to a 2008 study by the ________, there were a number of different types of green card marriages.
Illegal immigration to the United StatesFederation for American Immigration ReformImmigration reductionCenter for Immigration Studies

Question 5: [48] The document is accepted at financial institutions in many states and, in conjunction with an IRS ________, allows illegal immigrants to open checking and saving accounts.
Identity documentISO 3166-1MyKadNational identification number

Question 6: [38] ________ estimates that in 2006 corruption cost the Mexican economy $60 billion per year.
Center for Public IntegrityCorruption Perceptions IndexGlobal IntegrityBribe Payers Index

Question 7: On August 6, 2008, an audit done by agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement found that 137 of the 637 jail inmates in the ________ jail were illegal immigrants.
Lake Forest, IllinoisWaukegan, IllinoisLake County, IllinoisBarrington, Illinois

Question 8: As of 2005, Operation Community Shield had detained nearly fourteen hundred illegal immigrant ________ members.
GangOrganized crimeChicago OutfitSerbian mafia

Question 9: The Rockridge Institute argues that ________ and trade agreement affected international migration, as laborers moved to where they could find jobs.
World Trade OrganizationInternational Monetary FundASEANGlobalization

Question 10: In October 2008, Mexico agreed to deport ________ using the country as an entry point to the US.
White Latin AmericanCubansLatin AmericaSpain


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