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Ilfov County: Quiz


Question 1: 40% of the population commutes and works in ________, although in recent years, many industrial plants were built outside Bucharest, in Ilfov county.

Question 2: It used to be largely rural, but after the fall of ________, many of the county's villages and communes developed into high-income commuter towns, which act like suburbs or satellites of Bucharest.
SocialismMarxismCommunismCommunist state

Question 3: The county has a large surface covered with forests and also due to its lakes, it is a frequent week-end and holiday destinations for the inhabitants of ________.

Question 4: Also all the main roads and railways leaving ________ pass through the county.

Question 5: At Otopeni there is the main aerial transport hub in ________ - the Henri Coandă International Airport.

Question 6: Nowadays, due to the economical growth in ________, many companies have opened their offices, production facilities or warehouses in the nearby villages, situated in the Ilfov County, thus making it the most developed county in Romania.

Question 7: In fact, the name of the forest means "the Forests of the ________" (Romanians), a name given by the Slavs who inhabited the nearby plains.
SerbiaVlachsBalkansRomanian language

Question 8: Ilfov (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈilfov]) is the county that surrounds ________, the capital of Romania.


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