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Ilah: Quiz


Question 1: The word is from a ________ archaic biliteral ʾ-l meaning "god" (possibly with a wider meaning of "strong"), which was extended to a regular triliteral by the addition of a h (as in Hebrew ʾelōah, ʾelōhim).
Aramaic languageArabic languageProto-Semitic languageAkkadian language

Question 2: ʾIlāh (plural ʾālihah or ʾilāhūn), is the Arabic for "________" or "god".

Question 3: Notably, the first statement of the shahadah is, "there is no ʾilāh but al-Lāh" "there is no God but ________".

Question 4: The term is used throughout the Qur'an in passages detailing the existence of God and of the beliefs of non-________ in other divinities.

Question 5: ʾIlāh is cognate to ________ ʾēl and Akkadian ilum.
Ancient North ArabianArabic languageNorthwest Semitic languagesEgyptian Arabic


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