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Ikshvaku: Quiz


Question 1: Most Thirthankaras of ________ belong to the House of Ikshvaku, and few from other clans.
HinduismJain philosophyIndian religionsJainism

Question 2: In some versions, he is the son of Vaivasvata Manu (formerly the Emperor Satyavrata of ________), one of the two central characters along with the Lord Matsya incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the Matsya Purana.
YakshaganaIndiaTulu NaduSouth India

Question 3: Ikshvaku clan said to began from the 1st Tirthankar ________ who is regarded as the first King on the earth of this Avsarpini cycle.
AjitnathParshvaJainismRishabha (Jain tirthankar)

Question 4: He is born to Manu after the deluge which sends the King's ship to the top of the Malaya Mountains in the ________ country.
YakshaganaIndiaTulu NaduSouth India

Question 5: Ikshvaku (Sanskrit: इक्ष्वाकु "Sugarcane", pāli: Okkāka) was the first king of the Ikshvaku dynasty and founder of the Solar Dynasty of Kshatriyas in Vedic civilization in ancient ________.
Research and Analysis WingLok SabhaIndia and the Non-Aligned MovementIndia

Question 6: Ikshvaku was the first King to implement the Manusmriti, or the religious rules of ________ living composed through divine inspiration, and from the Vedas by his father.

Question 7: Ikshvaku was perhaps one of the earliest monarchs of India, and played a pivotal role in the transformation of the ancient Vedic religion into modern ________ and its propagation throughout India.
Indian religionsAyyavazhiBuddhismHinduism

Question 8: Great kings like Bhagiratha and Dasaratha were also kings in the line before ________.


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