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Question 1: He is most famous for signing the ________ with the United States, granting access to ports for trade to American merchants and seamen and extraterritoriality to American citizens.
JapanAnsei TreatiesMatthew C. PerryTreaty of Amity and Commerce (United States–Japan)

Question 2: Ii Naosuke managed to coerce the Tokugawa Shogunate to its last brief resurgence of its power and position in Japanese society before the starting of the ________.
Taishō periodMeiji periodShōwa periodImperial Japanese Navy

Question 3: Under Naosuke Ii’s guidance, the ________ navigated past a particularly difficult conflict over the succession to the ailing and childless Tokugawa Iesada.
Edo periodTokugawa shogunateTokugawa YoshinobuBakumatsu

Question 4: Ii Naosuke was born on November 29 1815 as the 14th son of Ii Naonake, the ________ of Hikone by his concubine.
JapanSengoku periodDaimyoMatsudaira clan

Question 5: The Pursuit of Power in Modern Japan, 1825–1995. Oxford: ________.
Oxford University PressJohn Fell (clergyman)LondonUnited Kingdom

Question 6: He was also an enthusiastic and accomplished practitioner of the ________, in the Sekishūryū style, and his writings include at least two works on tea ceremony.
Green teaTea cultureChinese tea cultureJapanese tea ceremony


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