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Question 1: This allows for greater timing flexibility, and engine performance; especially when designed hand-in-hand with the engine ________.
Spark plugCarburetorThrottleIgnition system

Question 2: runs, which was used by ________ and Plymouth on their factory Super Stock Coronet and Belvedere and drag racers.
DodgeDodge DartRam TrucksDodge Charger (LX)

Question 3: This system was used almost universally until the late 1970s, when ________ ignition systems started to appear.
EngineeringElectronic engineeringElectrical engineeringElectronics

Question 4: Modern EMSs usually monitor other engine parameters such as temperature and the amount of uncombined ________ in the exhaust.

Question 5: A turning rotor, located on top of the breaker cam within the distributor cap, sequentially connects the coil's secondary windings to one of the several wires leading to each cylinder's ________.
Naturally-aspirated engineSpark plugCarburetorIgnition system

Question 6: The sensor output is shaped and processed by suitable circuitry, then used to trigger a switching device such as a ________, which switches a large current through the coil.
CapacitorBipolar junction transistorThyristorSemiconductor device

Question 7: At the turn of the century digital electronic ignition modules became available for small engines on such applications as ________, string trimmers, leaf blowers, and lawn mowers.
Circular sawGarden forkAxeChainsaw

Question 8: This capacitor and the coil’s primary windings form an oscillating ________.
RC circuitRL circuitLC circuitRLC circuit

Question 9: Most ________ have used a mechanically timed electrical ignition system.
Oil pump (internal combustion engine)Four-stroke engineTwo-stroke engineManifold (automotive)

Question 10: The ________ are connected directly from the magneto output.
CarburetorSpark plugIgnition systemNaturally-aspirated engine


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