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Ignition interlock device: Quiz


Question 1: Similar mandatory legislations were introduced in Ontario (2001)[5], ________ (2008)[6], Saskatchewan (2008)[7] and Quebec (2008) [8].
AlbertaManitobaBritish ColumbiaCanada

Question 2: Although fuel cell technology is not as accurate or reliable as infrared spectroscopy technology used in evidentiary breathalyzers, they are cheaper and tend to be more specific for ________.

Question 3: An ignition interlock device or breath alcohol ignition interlock device (IID and BIID) is a mechanism, like a ________, installed to a motor vehicle's dashboard.
Acetic acidBreathalyzerEthanolPotassium permanganate

Question 4: Some politicians in Sweden[2][3], Japan, ________, the U.S.
United StatesCanadaBarbadosUnited Kingdom

Question 5: Modern ignition interlock devices use an ________-specific fuel cell for a sensor.
FlumazenilEthanol1,4-ButanediolAlcoholic beverage

Question 6: Periodic ________ is performed using either a pressurized alcohol–gas mixture at a known alcohol concentration, or with an alcohol wet bath arrangement that contains a known alcohol solution.
MicrophoneMetrologyCalibrationCertified reference materials

Question 7: A fuel cell sensor is an electrochemical device in which alcohol undergoes a chemical oxidation reaction at a catalytic electrode surface (platinum) to generate an ________.
Magnetic fieldElectric chargeElectric currentMaxwell's equations

Question 8: In the United States, a list of federally-approved IID devices is maintained by the ________'s NHTSA Conforming Products List.
National Highway Traffic Safety AdministrationAutomobile safetyHeadlampFederal Aviation Administration

Question 9: At random times after the ________ has been started, the IID will require another breath sample.
Stirling engineEngineDiesel engineJet engine


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