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Ignacy Mościcki: Quiz


Question 1: After completing school in ________, he studied chemistry at the Riga Polytechnicum.

Question 2: In 1925 he was elected rector of the Polytechnic, but soon moved to ________ to continue his research at the Warsaw Polytechnic.

Question 3: On graduating he returned to Warsaw, but was threatened by the Tsarist secret police with life imprisonment in Siberia and was forced to emigrate in 1892 to ________.

Question 4: Mościcki remained president until September 1939, when he was interned in Romania[2] and was forced by ________ to resign his office.
CanadaUnited KingdomItalyFrance

Question 5: There he patented a method for cheap industrial production of ________.
AmmoniaHydrofluoric acidSulfuric acidNitric acid

Question 6: In 1896 he was offered an assistantship at the University in ________ (Switzerland).
FribourgSt. GallenBernGeneva

Question 7: Ignacy Mościcki was born on 1 December 1867 in Mierzanowo, a small village near Ciechanów, ________.

Question 8: He died at his home near ________ on 2 October 1946.

Question 9: In December 1939 he was released and allowed to move to ________, where he remained through World War II.


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