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Idolatry: Quiz


Question 1: Fundamentalist Protestants often accuse Catholic and Orthodox Christians of idolatry, iconolatry, and even ________ for failing to "cleanse their faith" of the use of images.
Christianity and PaganismPolytheismPrehistoric religionPaganism

Question 2: The offering of veneration in the form of latreía (the veneration due God) is doctrinally forbidden by the Orthodox Church; however veneration of religious pictures or ________ in the form of douleía is not only allowed but obligatory.
Hagia SophiaByzantine EmpireIconByzantine Iconoclasm

Question 3: ________' work "On the Divine Image" to defend the use of icons.
Pope John Paul IIHistory of the Catholic ChurchPope Gregory IJohn of Damascus

Question 4: Image worship existed in the time of Jacob, from the account of Rachel taking images along with her on leaving her father's house, which is given in the ________.
Book of EnochBiblePsalmsBook of Genesis

Question 5: He wrote in direct response to the iconoclastic controversy that began in the eighth century by the Byzantine emperor Leo III and continued by his successor ________.
ArtabasdosConstantine VTheophilos (emperor)Philippikos Bardanes

Question 6: The patriarch ________ was called to spread the true knowledge of God, but the prophetic books still reflect a continuing struggle against idolatry.

Question 7: The Puritan Protestant groups adopted a similar view to ________, denouncing all forms of religious objects whether in three dimensional or two dimensional form.

Question 8: The misleading notion that Hinduism is fundamentally idolatrous was addressed in the context of ________ by Muslim scholar Al-Biruni.
JesusIslamAbrahamic religionsChristianity

Question 9: murti), icons, and symbols are understood by Hindus themselves as being symbolic representations of various divine attributes of the Supreme Being (________), which is ultimately beyond all material names and forms.
Āstika and nāstikaMysticismBrahmanMonotheism

Question 10: [2] ________ employs a rich language of symbols, and images are constructed to exacting proportions in an effort to convey particular religious truths.
Hindu iconographyHindu deitiesHinduismAvatar

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