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Ideomotor effect: Quiz


Question 1: The term was first used in a paper discussing the means through which the Ouija board produced its results, by ________ in 1852.
Lant CarpenterEnglandCharles DarwinWilliam Benjamin Carpenter

Question 2: The ideomotor effect is a ________ phenomenon wherein a subject makes motions unconsciously.
PsychologySigmund FreudNeuropsychologyCognitive neuroscience

Question 3: Mystics have often attributed this motion to ________ or supernatural force.
Charles FortGhostPsychokinesisParanormal

Question 4: Automatic writing, ________, facilitated communication, and Ouija boards have also been attributed to the effect of this phenomenon.

Question 5: In the paper, Carpenter explained his theory that muscular movement can be independent of ________ desires or emotions.
ConsciousnessGottfried LeibnizHenri BergsonIdea

Question 6: For instance, ________ are produced by the body unconsciously in reaction to the emotion of sadness.
Nasolacrimal ductCryingKeratoconjunctivitis siccaTears


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