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Identity theft: Quiz


Question 1: The Act also provides the ________ with authority to track the number of incidents and the dollar value of losses.
Competition lawClayton Antitrust ActFederal Trade CommissionCompetition regulator

Question 2: In most cases, a criminal needs to obtain ________ or documents about an individual in order to impersonate them.
Information securityIdentity theftPersonally identifiable informationDigital identity

Question 3: Two states, ________ and Wisconsin have created an Office of Privacy Protection to assist their citizens in avoiding and recovering from identity theft.
Sacramento, CaliforniaLos AngelesSan Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia

Question 4: In ________, Dick Whitman, an enlisted man from a poor background, is wounded in the Korean War and switches identities with Donald Draper, an officer who has been killed.
Lost (TV series)Grey's AnatomyMad MenThe Sopranos

Question 5: Stealing mail or rummaging through rubbish containing personal information (________)
RecyclingAluminium recyclingDumpster divingFreeganism

Question 6: The public fascination with impostors has long had an effect on ________ and extends to modern literature, and cinema [43].
Western culturePopular culture studiesPopular cultureGlobalization

Question 7: Identity Theft________
Robert Morris UniversityPoint Park UniversityHeinz FieldCarnegie Mellon University

Question 8: In the 1995 movie The Net, ________ plays a computer consultant whose life is taken over with the help of computer assisted identity theft.
Sandra BullockMeryl StreepNicole KidmanCharlize Theron

Question 9: Researching about the victim in government registers, ________, or public records search services.
Web crawlerSocial searchWeb search engineWide area information server

Question 10: In the webcomic ________ the character Danielle Kindle dies and is later "replaced" by a double from a parallel world.
Purple PussyKevin and KellNewshoundsOzy and Millie

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