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Question 1: The liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) subsidiaries of Idemitsu Kosan and ________ merged on April 1, 2006 to form the Astomos Energy Corporation (アストモスエネルギー ?
Mitsubishi MotorsNikonMitsubishi Heavy IndustriesMitsubishi

Question 2: ________, Idemitsu's first product is a major area.
Oil additiveDiesel fuelLubricantMotor oil

Question 3: Idemitsu is working on ________ in Ōita Prefecture, Japan.
Solar powerGeothermal electricityGeothermal powerGeothermal heating

Question 4: [31] It also produces fluorescent materials for ________ displays.
Liquid crystal displayPlasma displayLight-emitting diodeOrganic LED

Question 5: Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd. (出光興産株式会社 Idemitsu Kōsan Kabushiki-gaisha ?, TYO: 5019) is a Japanese ________ company.
PetroleumPetroleum industryEnergy developmentPeak oil

Question 6: In 1953 Idemitsu sent its large tanker Nisshomaru to ________ to purchase oil.
Iran–Iraq WarIranAzerbaijanIraq

Question 7: Hokkaido Refinery, ________, 140,000 barrels per day (as of 2005)[20]
TokyoJapanHokkaidōSaga Prefecture

Question 8: The ________ and Okinawa refineries were closed in 2003 after an agreement that Nippon Oil would supply Idemitsu Kosan with 40,000 barrels per day of petroleum products.
Gifu PrefectureHyōgo PrefectureOsaka PrefectureNara Prefecture

Question 9: Idemitsu began importing naphtha (an intermediate oil product) first from the United States and later from Venezuela and ________.
IraqIranIran–Iraq WarAzerbaijan

Question 10: The primary sources is Idemitsus stake in Norwegian oil fields in the ________ (North Sea oil).
English ChannelBaltic SeaNorth SeaAtlantic Ocean


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