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Question 1: A different form of ideal is an idol or ________, who is held up as a moral example.
HeroGreek mythologyGreek hero cultPlato

Question 2: Ideals are particularly important in ________, as the order in which one places them tends to determine the degree to which one reveals them as real and sincere.

Question 3: In law, for instance, a ________ is often called on to resolve the balance between the ideal of truth, which would advise hearing out all evidence, and the ideal of fairness
Doctor (title)JudgeProfessorRabbi

Question 4: In ________ ideals play a pivotal role.
Political partyPolitical philosophyPoliticsIdeology

Question 5: A ________, in general, is an ideal that one can make a habit.
Good and evilConscienceVirtueMorality

Question 6: In ________, for instance, the life of Muhammad is held up as "ideal", but must be interpreted for believers through the tale of his life, or sira, and his many sayings, the hadith.
IslamMosqueMuslim historyIslamic schools and branches

Question 7: However, when they are encountered in the form of a story, with only a few traits on display, they are a simplified ________ from which one can very easily derive stereotypes or mimicry.
LiteratureArchetypeSuperheroThe Tempest

Question 8: During the ________, the principles of "Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood" were raised to the status of ideals.
National Constituent AssemblyNational ConventionFrench DirectoryFrench Revolution

Question 9: His ________ try to raise the practical habits useful in resolving disputes into ideals of their own.
George OrwellCitizenship educationUniversity College LondonBernard Crick

Question 10: One way to avoid this, according to ________, is to have ideals that themselves are descriptive of a process, rather than an outcome.
Bernard CrickCitizenship educationUniversity College LondonGeorge Orwell


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