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Icosahedron: Quiz


Question 1: A copy of Haeckel's illustration for this radiolarian appears in the article on ________.
Platonic solidRegular polytopePolyhedronRegular polyhedron

Question 2: In 1904, ________ described a number of species of Radiolaria, including Circogonia icosahedra, whose skeleton is shaped like a regular icosahedron.
Mircea EliadeRelationship between religion and scienceFriedrich NietzscheErnst Haeckel

Question 3: A regular polyhedron is used because it can be built from a single basic unit protein used over and over again; this saves space in the viral ________.

Question 4: The closo-________ are chemical compounds with shape very close to isosahedron.
AlkyneBenzeneBond lengthCarborane

Question 5:
Which of the following titles did Icosahedron have?
Loving the Alien

Question 6: These are invariant under the same ________ as the tetrahedron, and are somewhat analogous to the snub cube and snub dodecahedron, including some forms which are chiral and some with Th-symmetry, i.e.
RotationEarthRotation around a fixed axisRigid body

Question 7: Icosahedral twinning also occurs in crystals, especially ________.
NanoparticleCeramic engineeringSol-gelNanomaterials

Question 8: ________, a 20th century architect known for his geodesic domes, created the Fuller projection world map utilizing the icosahedron.
Synergetics (Fuller)Norbert WienerBuckminster FullerCybernetics

Question 9: This projection, created with Japanese ________ Shoji Sadao [2], is one of the most accurate world map projections, producing a maximum distortion of only 2%.
Geographic information systemSpatial analysisCartographyGeography

Question 10: The rotational symmetry group of the regular icosahedron is isomorphic to the ________ on five letters.
Group theoryAlternating groupGroup (mathematics)Mathieu group


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