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Question 1: Freeze, Killer Frost, and Captain Cold) to get the $1 billion bounty on ________.
Superboy (Kon-El)DarkseidSupermanSupergirl (Kara Zor-El)

Question 2: The Cameron Markhent version is also reportedly featured in David S. Goyer's script for an upcoming ________ film project entitled "Super Max".
Green ArrowHal JordanJohn Stewart (comics)Solomon Grundy (comics)

Question 3: Amanda Waller apparently killed him as part of the ________.
Suicide SquadSolomon Grundy (comics)DeadshotLex Luthor

Question 4: He can seen as the member of Libra's ________.
Solomon Grundy (comics)Secret Society of Super VillainsCrime Syndicate of AmericaLex Luthor

Question 5: Investigating this phenomenon, the original Green Lantern (________) was shocked by the sight of Dr.
Solomon Grundy (comics)SportsmasterAlan ScottInfinity, Inc.

Question 6: As part of the ________ "Public Enemies" arc, the Icicle is part of a multi-villain attack on Superman and Batman in Washington D.C..
Superman & Batman: GenerationsWorld's Finest ComicsSuperman/BatmanSuperman and Batman versus Aliens and Predator

Question 7: Despite working with other cold themed villains such as Killer Frost and ________ and having the backing of the villains President Lex Luthor, the Icicle and all the villains are soundly defeated.
Captain ColdMirror MasterGorilla GroddFlash (Barry Allen)

Question 8: He is approached by ________ to join the Suicide Squad for a mission.
Flash (Barry Allen)Gorilla GroddCaptain ColdMirror Master

Question 9: namely Infinity, Inc. and a contingent of the ________ and forced the heroes to help in some mayhem.
Super FriendsGlobal GuardiansThe All-New Super Friends HourSuper Powers Collection

Question 10: The group overcame the security at the International Trade Conference in ________, Canada...
Downtown CalgaryKensington, CalgaryInglewood, CalgaryCalgary


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