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Icemaiden: Quiz


Question 1: She chose to honor the fallen heroine by serving as her replacement in the ________.
Super FriendsSolomon Grundy (comics)Justice LeagueDoctor Light (Kimiyo Hoshi)

Question 2: ________ is a thermal heat vampire; the by-product is cold expulsion.
Injustice LeagueKiller FrostGorilla GroddLex Luthor

Question 3: Years later, after Ice had left the Global Guardians, joined the ________, and was killed by the Overmaster, Sigrid re-emerged.
Justice League EuropeJustice League Task Force (comics)Justice League QuarterlyJustice League International

Question 4: Icemaiden did not die, however, and eventually was placed, comatose, into a hydration womb within a facility of ________.
Metropolis (comics)Phoenix, ArizonaS.T.A.R. LabsAustin, Texas

Question 5: She also showed interest in ________ during her conversations with Nuklon.

Question 6: Delores was recently killed in a battle with ________, and her corpse was taken by the Justice League.
Joker (comics)Barbara GordonBatmanBatwoman

Question 7: Icemaiden (Sigrid Nansen) is a fictional character, a comic book superheroine in the ________ universe.
SupermanVertigo (DC Comics)DC ComicsBatman

Question 8: Taking the name Icemaiden, she joined the ________ as her country's representative to that international super-team.
The All-New Super Friends HourGlobal GuardiansSuper Powers CollectionSuper Friends

Question 9: She is also one of the few ________ superheroines in the DC Universe.
Sexual orientationGayBisexualityHomosexuality

Question 10: Upon the discovery of a real tribe of Ice-people, their princess Tora Olafsdotter (Ice) joined the ________.
Super FriendsGlobal GuardiansThe All-New Super Friends HourSuper Powers Collection

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