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Icelandic horse: Quiz


Question 1: [30] The registry is a web database program that is used as a ________ to track the history and bloodlines of the Icelandic breed.
HorsePurebredThoroughbredBreed registry

Question 2: According to the book, a ________ named Seal-Thorir founded a settlement at the place where Skalm stopped and lay down with her pack.
Genghis KhanTribal chiefMongol EmpireApache

Question 3: [2] Horses played a significant part in ________, and several horses played major roles in the Norse myths, among them the eight-footed pacer named Sleipnir, owned by Odin, chief of the Norse gods.
Norse paganismValkyrieNorse mythologyThor

Question 4: Although the horses are small, at times ________-sized, most registries for the Icelandic refer to it as a horse.
Arabian horseWelsh PonyPonyThoroughbred

Question 5: The Norse settlers were followed by immigrants from Norse colonies in Ireland, the ________ and the Western Isles of Scotland.
United KingdomRepublic of IrelandJerseyIsle of Man

Question 6: [6] The breed comes in many coat colors, including chestnut, dun, bay, black, gray, ________, pinto and roan.
Sabino horseCream genePalominoWhite (horse)

Question 7: ________ played a major role in the development of the breed, as large numbers of horses died from lack of food and exposure to the elements.
Charles DarwinNatural selectionPopulation geneticsEvolution

Question 8: ________ between young men and women was also common at horse fights.
Mating (human)MarriageDatingCourtship

Question 9: The ancestors of the Icelandic horse were probably taken to Iceland by ________ Scandinavians between 860 and 935 AD.
VarangiansPomerania during the Early Middle AgesViking AgeViking expansion

Question 10: [2] In 982 AD the Icelandic ________ (parliament) passed laws prohibiting the importation of horses into Iceland, thus ending crossbreeding.
Elections in IcelandLøgtingFolketingAlthing

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