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Question 1: This can lead to serious injury or death due to shock, hypothermia or ________.
DrowningBarotraumaOxygen toxicityDecompression sickness

Question 2: Falling can be fatal if a helmet is not worn to protect against serious ________.
Traumatic brain injurySubdural hematomaHead injuryConcussion

Question 3: Ice skating works because the metal blade at the bottom of the skate shoe can glide with very little ________ over the surface of the ice.
Drag (physics)Lift (force)ForceFriction

Question 4: ________ Rudolf II of the Holy Roman Empire enjoyed ice skating so much he had a large ice carnival constructed in his court in order to popularise the sport.
Byzantine EmpirePrinceEmperorMonarch

Question 5: Adding edges to ice skates was invented by the Dutch in the 13th or ________.
16th century14th century15th century11th century

Question 6: Ice skating is moving on ________ by use of ice skates.
SnowPrecipitation (meteorology)WaterIce

Question 7: Various ________ with different rules.
Tag (game)Sri LankaPakistanKabaddi

Question 8: This is because an abrupt end to the ________ is not the most entropically favorable possibility.
CrystallographyCrystal growthCrystal structureSolid

Question 9: ________ is a team sport involving four to twenty skaters per team.
International figure skatingFigure skatingISU Judging SystemSynchronized skating

Question 10: These ice skates were made of ________, with sharpened edges on the bottom to aid movement.
IronStainless steelCarbon steelSteel


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