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Ice sheet: Quiz


Question 1: This had the unusual effect of allowing ________ of plants that once grew on present-day Greenland to be much better preserved than with the slowly forming Antarctic ice sheet.
Geologic time scaleFossilPaleontologyGeology

Question 2: An ice sheet is a mass of ________ ice that covers surrounding terrain and is greater than 50,000 kmĀ² (20,000 mileĀ²)[1], thus also known as continental glacier[2].
Kyoto ProtocolCurrent sea level riseLittle Ice AgeGlacier

Question 3: The Greenland ice sheet occupies about 82% of the surface of ________, and if melted would cause sea levels to rise by 7.2 metres.
GreenlandAzoresFaroe IslandsMadeira

Question 4: Ice movement is dominated by the motion of ________, whose activity is determined by a number of processes.
Ice sheetLittle Ice AgeGlacierCurrent sea level rise

Question 5: Ice sheets are bigger than ice shelves or alpine ________.
Kyoto ProtocolGlacierLittle Ice AgeCurrent sea level rise

Question 6: Although the surface is cold, the base of an ice sheet is generally warmer due to ________ heat.
Geothermal gradientEnhanced geothermal systemGeothermal powerGeothermal electricity

Question 7: The ________ is the largest single mass of ice on Earth.
West Antarctic Ice SheetCurrent sea level riseAntarcticaAntarctic ice sheet


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