Ice Cube: Quiz


Question 1: He was believed to be a member of the Nation of Islam, the controversial ________ group lead by Louis Farrakhan.
IslamIslamic schools and branchesMuslim historyMosque

Question 2: His 1991 follow-up, Death Certificate was regarded as more focused, yet even more controversial, and critics accused him again of being anti-white, misogynist, and ________.
JewsAntisemitismThe HolocaustRacial antisemitism

Question 3: Father of four, Cube was asked by Fresh Air's ________ to provide some perspective on the relationship between his work and his family.
Terry GrossIra FlatowNational Public RadioNina Totenberg

Question 4: In May 2006 Ice Cube accused ________ of not welcoming rappers on her show, and specifically, for not inviting him to the show when the rest of the cast of films that he participated in were invited.
Bill ClintonThe Oprah Winfrey ShowRosie O'DonnellOprah Winfrey

Question 5:
What years was Ice Cube active?
1985 u2013 present

Question 6:
What role did Ice Cube play in the movie Thicker Than Water?

Question 7: Recently, Ice Cube has also collaborated with ________ on the song "Blackboy" that appears on Tech N9ne's July 2008 album Killer.
Tech N9ne discographySickology 101AnghellicTech N9ne

Question 8:
Which of the following labels did Ice Cube work with?
Razor & Tie

Question 9:
What role did Ice Cube play in the TV series Anaconda?
Gary Dixon
Dr. Steven Cale
Danny Rich
Paul Sarone

Question 10:
Which of the following instruments does Ice Cube play?

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