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Question 1: She and several other deceased JLA members are resurrected by ________.
Flash (Barry Allen)Wonder WomanSolomon Grundy (comics)Felix Faust

Question 2: Although Ice is in the care of Fire and Checkmate, she has ventured out on occasion, helping Earth's heroes during the ________.
Hal JordanSinestro Corps WarBlackest NightAlan Scott

Question 3: In the aftermath of the war, she decides to ice up ________ in order to provide temporary fun for local children.
Times SquareBoweryBroadway (New York City)Sutton Place, Manhattan

Question 4: Remarkably, in the wake of ________'s resignation and the abduction of several members, the short-handed JLI took them on.
Jack Frost (Marvel Comics)Black CanarySun Girl (Marvel Comics)Earth-Two

Question 5: After Fire and Guy Gardner negotiate her release, Fire looks behind to see that Ice is following while they leave, which violates Hell's ________ clause, causing Ice's spirit to vanish.
Greek mythologyApolloOrpheusMuse

Question 6: Ice starred in the 1997 live action ________ Justice League of America.
Spin-off (media)Television shows that spun off from anthology seriesThe A-TeamTelevision pilot

Question 7: In ________ (taking place on Earth-96 of the Old Multiverse and Earth-9 of the New Multiverse) Ice is a female supervillain with cryo-kinetic powers and is a member of the Fatal Five.
Vertigo (DC Comics)ElseworldsTangent ComicsDC Comics

Question 8: Later Guy blames Bea for Tora's refusal to accept a cohabitation on ________.
Green Lantern CorpsOaSuperboy-PrimeControllers (DC Comics)

Question 9: Ice and Fire have both made several appearances in the ________ animated series, though only Fire had speaking roles.
Justice League UnlimitedBatman BeyondBatman: The Brave and the BoldStatic Shock

Question 10: Ice (Tora Olafsdotter) is a fictional character, a comic book superhero in publications from ________.
SupermanDC ComicsVertigo (DC Comics)Batman

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