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Question 1:
Who played Vladimir the movie Ice?
Jaime Alba
Udo Kier
Leo Braudy
Kyle Fairlie

Question 2:
Who played Olaf the movie Ice?
Grant Show
Tom Hern
Nathaniel Lees
Udo Kier

Question 3: However, the strong ________ in water make it different: water freezes at a temperature below 0 °C under a pressure higher than 1 atm.
Dipolar bondHydrogen bondChemical polarityChemical bond

Question 4: However, if the sub-freezing layer beneath the warm layer is too small, the precipitation will not have time to re-freeze, and ________ will be the result at the surface.
Winter stormFreezing rainIce stormHail

Question 5:
Who played Greg the movie Ice?
Tom Griffin
Robert Kramer
Michael Riley
Richard Roxburgh

Question 6:
What role did Traci Lords play in the movie Ice?
Ellen Reed

Question 7: The increasing use of ________—which does not require carburettors—has made "carb icing" less of an issue for reciprocating engines.
ThrottleFuel injectionIgnition systemCarburetor

Question 8:
Who played 4 the movie Ice?
Grant Show
Tom Griffin
Robert Kramer
Paul McIsaac

Question 9: The advent of artificial ________ technology has since made delivery of ice obsolete.
Heat pumpRefrigeratorVapor-compression refrigerationRefrigeration

Question 10:
Who played Jimmy the Courier the movie Ice?
Michael Bailey Smith
Richard Roxburgh
Robert Kramer
Udo Kier

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