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Question 1: The ________, who came to Ibiza during the time of the Phoenicians, were the first to call the two islands of Ibiza and Formentera the Pityûssai (Πιτυοῦσσαι, "pine-covered islands"; a translation of the Phoenician name).
Greek languageGreeksGreek diasporaGreece

Question 2: Ibiza (Catalan: Eivissa) is an island in the Mediterranean Sea 79 km off the coast of the city of Valencia in ________, Spain.
Iberian PeninsulaPrehistoric IberiaAl-AndalusHispania

Question 3:
What is the metropolitican population of Ibiza?

Question 4: It is the third largest of the ________, an autonomous community of Spain.
PontusHispaniaLusitaniaBalearic Islands

Question 5:
What type is thing is Ibiza?
Mixed State school
Mixed Artillery , Infantry
Government, mixed

Question 6:

Question 7:
Where does Ibiza come from?
Spain &
Developed in the Americas from bloodstock originating in Spain
France, Italy, Portugal and Spain

Question 8: Ibiza and the Historic Town of Eivissa by ________
The GuardianThe TimesThe ObserverThe Independent

Question 9: ________, and thus protected from the development and commercialization of the main cities.
Universal Postal UnionWorld Heritage SiteUnited Nations Human Rights CouncilFood and Agriculture Organization

Question 10: A monument ("The Egg") erected in honour of ________ can be found in Sant Antoni: Ibiza is one of several places purporting to be his birthplace.
Christopher ColumbusSpainAmericasDominican Republic

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