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I Am Sam: Quiz


Question 1:
When was I Am Sam released?

Question 2:
Which of the following languages is spoken in I Am Sam?

Question 3:
Who played Lucy Diamond Dawson the movie I Am Sam?
Dianne Wiest
Loretta Devine
Michelle Pfeiffer
Dakota Fanning

Question 4:
What role did Dakota Fanning play in the movie I Am Sam?
Margaret Calgrove
Lucy Diamond Dawson
Annie Cassell
Rita Harrison Williams

Question 5:
Who of the following starred in I Am Sam?

Question 6:
Which of the following titles did I Am Sam have?
iMake Sam Girlier
I Am Sam
Sam Noir
Sam's Spooky Chair

Question 7: The ________-nominated soundtrack consists of cover versions of songs by The Beatles.
Latin Grammy AwardsMusic industryTEC AwardsGrammy Award

Question 8:

Question 9:
What company distributed I Am Sam?

Question 10: ________ as Rita Harrison Williams
Emma ThompsonMichelle PfeifferMeryl StreepJessica Lange

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