ISO 639-1: Quiz

Question 1: The current version is RFC 5646 from September ________.

Question 2: The use of the standard was encouraged by IETF language tags, introduced in RFC 1766 in March ________, and continued by RFC 3066 from January 2001 and RFC 4646 from September 2006.

Question 3: German is represented by de (from the ________ Deutsch)
BelgradeBrusselsPragueExonym and endonym

Question 4: ISO 639-1:2002, Codes for the representation of names of languages — Part 1: Alpha-2 code, is the first part of the ________ series of international standards for language codes.
C Sharp (programming language)ISO/IEC 15693HTMLISO 639

Question 5: Spanish is represented by es (from the ________ español)
Exonym and endonymBelgradeBrusselsPrague

Question 6: The last code added was ht, representing ________ on 2003-02-26.
French languageHaitian Creole languageEnglish languageSpanish language

Question 7: Japanese is represented by ja (even though its endonym is ________)
Old JapaneseKanjiJapanese languageLate Middle Japanese

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