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ISO/IEC 8859-15: Quiz


Question 1: This character set is used throughout The Americas, Western Europe, Oceania, and much of ________.
Sub-Saharan AfricaAfricaAfrican UnionScramble for Africa

Question 2: For some languages listed above the correct typographical ________ are missing, since only « », ", and ' are included.
DashPrime (symbol)Quotation markTypography

Question 3: Œ and œ are French ligatures, and Ÿ is needed in French all-caps text, as it is present in a few ________ such as the city of l'Haÿ-les-Roses.
Preposition and postpositionAdjectiveNounArticle (grammar)

Question 4: Š, š, Ž, and ž are used in some loanwords and ________ of Russian names in Finnish and Estonian typography.
RomanizationCyrillic alphabetTransliterationWriting system

Question 5: ISO 8859-15 encodes what it refers to as "________ no.
Latin alphabetArabic alphabetRunic alphabetPhoenician alphabet

Question 6: The rest were excluded from ISO 8859-1 because it was motivated by information exchange and not ________.
DashTypographyPrime (symbol)Hyphen

Question 7: ________
EBCDIC 037Mac OS RomanWestern Latin character sets (computing)ISO/IEC 8859

Question 8: ________, based on the Latin character set.
SoranîKurdish alphabetArabic alphabetKurdish language

Question 9: All the printable characters from both ISO/IEC 8859-1 and ISO/IEC 8859-15 are also found in ________.
ISO/IEC 8859-9Code page 437EBCDIC 1047Windows-1252

Question 10: ISO-8859-15 is the IANA preferred charset name for this standard when supplemented with the control codes from ________ for the C0 (0x00-0x1F) and C1 (0x80-0x9F) parts.
ISO/IEC 8859ISO/IEC 646ANSI escape codeISO/IEC 2022


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