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Question 1: ISDB-T provides robustness to multipath interference ("ghosting"), co-channel analog television interference, and ________ that come from motor vehicles and power lines in urban environments.
Electromagnetic compatibilitySpread spectrumCapacitorElectromagnetic interference

Question 2: Digital Television Laboratory and Field Test Results - Brazil________
Universal Postal UnionInternational Telecommunication UnionSwitzerlandUnited Nations

Question 3: This service will use ________ band, 170-222 MHz after analog television close down in July 2011.
Ultra high frequencyHigh frequencyVery high frequencyL band

Question 4: There are modes in ISDB to not allow the output of signal from an Analog connector (D-connector, Component, Composite, ________, etc).
HDMIRCA connectorVideo In Video OutS-Video

Question 5: Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting (ISDB) is a Japanese standard for digital television (DTV) and ________ used by the country's radio and television stations.
Digital Audio BroadcastingDigital radioOrthogonal frequency-division multiplexingDVB-SH

Question 6: ________ - Advanced Television Systems Committee Standard
ATSC (standards)Broadcast flagDigital Video BroadcastingISDB

Question 7: H.264 used in one segment (________) broadcasting for portables and Mobile phone.
ISDBDigital Video Broadcasting1segDVB-T

Question 8: ISDB has adopted the ________ video and audio compression system.
H.264/MPEG-4 AVCAdvanced Audio CodingMPEG-2Dolby Digital

Question 9: This is also much like another digital radio system, Eureka 147, which calls each group of stations on a transmitter an ensemble; this is very much like the multi-channel digital TV standard ________.
DVB-HDVB-TDVB-S2Digital Video Broadcasting

Question 10: RCA video jack provides SDTV signal that is sampled down from the HDTV signal for analog CRT television sets or ________.
Video tape recorderVideotapeCartrivisionVideocassette recorder


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