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IPv6: Quiz


Question 1: This address type has its first 80 bits set to zero and the next 16 set to one while its last 32 bits are filled with the ________ address.
IPsecUser Datagram ProtocolIPv6IPv4

Question 2: A 2008 study[1] by ________ indicated that penetration was still less than one percent of Internet-enabled hosts in any country.
GoogleGoogle LatitudeGoogle VariationsAndroid (operating system)

Question 3: On some systems (e.g., Linux, NetBSD, ________) this feature is controlled by the socket option IPV6_V6ONLY as specified in RFC 3493.
Berkeley Software DistributionDarwin (operating system)FreeBSDOpenBSD

Question 4: In 2003, Paul Wilson (director of ________) stated that, based on then-current rates of deployment, the available space would last for one or two decades.
SingaporeVietnamAsia-Pacific Network Information CentreMalaysia

Question 5: With IPv4, complex ________ (CIDR) techniques were developed to make the best use of the small address space.
SubnetworkIP addressClassless Inter-Domain RoutingIPv6

Question 6: [23] Other equipment which is typically not IPv6-ready range from ________ and SIP phones to oscilloscopes and printers.
AOL Instant MessengerSkypeGizmo5Google Talk

Question 7: The octet (byte) offsets are in hexadecimal (base 16) and the bit offsets are in ________ (base 10).
DecimalArabic numeralsDuodecimalPositional notation

Question 8: The IPv6 specifications mandate ________ implementation as a fundamental interoperability requirement.
Transport Layer SecurityLayer 2 Tunneling ProtocolL2TPv3IPsec

Question 9: IPsec, however, is not widely used at present except for securing traffic between IPv6 ________ routers.
Border Gateway ProtocolInternet ProtocolOpen Shortest Path FirstIPv4

Question 10: The main driving force for the redesign of Internet Protocol is the foreseeable ________.
IPv4 address exhaustionIP addressIPv6Private network

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