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IPsec: Quiz


Question 1: In addition, a mutual authentication and key exchange protocol ________ (IKE) was defined to create and manage security associations.
Windows 2000IPsecInternet Key ExchangeWindows Server 2003

Question 2: The KAME stack, that is included in Mac OS X, NetBSD and ________.
Darwin (operating system)Berkeley Software DistributionLinuxFreeBSD

Question 3: NLSP was based on the SP3 protocol that was published by ________, but designed by the Secure Data Network System project of the National Security Agency (NSA).
National Technical Information ServiceNational Institute of Standards and TechnologyNational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationBureau of Industry and Security

Question 4: IPsec is officially specified by the ________ (IETF) in a series of Requests for Comment addressing various components and extensions, including the official capitalization style of the term.
Internet Engineering Steering GroupInternet Architecture BoardInternet Engineering Task ForceRequest for Comments

Question 5: The KAME project also implemented complete IPsec support for NetBSD, ________.
Darwin (operating system)LinuxBerkeley Software DistributionFreeBSD

Question 6: IPsec protocols were originally defined in ________ RFC 1825 and RFC 1829, published in 1995.
Request for CommentsInternet Assigned Numbers AuthorityARPANETComputer network

Question 7: The FreeS/WAN project made the first complete and open source implementation of IPsec for ________.
OpenSolarisLinuxSCO-Linux controversiesGNU

Question 8: ESP also supports encryption-only and ________-only configurations, but using encryption without authentication is strongly discouraged because it is insecure.
Two-factor authenticationPasswordSecurity tokenAuthentication

Question 9: ________ (IKE and IKEv2) to set up a security association (SA) by handling negotiation of protocols and algorithms and to generate the encryption and authentication keys to be used by IPsec.
Internet Key ExchangeWindows Server 2003Windows 2000Windows Server 2008

Question 10: Tunnel mode is used to create ________ for network-to-network communications (e.g.
IPsecLayer 2 Tunneling ProtocolL2TPv3Virtual private network

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