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IMI Galil: Quiz


Question 1:
How long is IMI Galil?
AR, ARM 5.56mm:, stock extended /, stock folded

Question 2:
What type is thing is IMI Galil?

Question 3: The 7.62 mm Galil Sniper (Galil Tzalafim, or Galatz) is a derivative of the ARM that is used with high quality ________ ammunition for consistent accuracy.
7.62x51mm NATOM14 rifle.30-06 SpringfieldM16 rifle

Question 4:
What mountain range is IMI Galil a part of?
300 m
100 to 200 m sight adjustments
Blue Ridge Mountains
300u2013500 m sight adjustments

Question 5:
In which of these wars was the IMI Galil used?

Question 6: It is fitted with a multi-functional muzzle device, which acts as a flash suppressor and a ________.
Muzzle brakeFirearmFederal Assault Weapons BanHandgun

Question 7: An optional magazine adaptor enables the use of ________-compliant 20 and 30-round magazines from the M16 series.
M16 rifleSTANAGBrusselsAmmunition

Question 8: The barrel has a slotted flash suppressor with 6 ports and can be used to launch rifle grenades or mount a ________ lug attachment (it will accept the M7 bayonet).
BayonetTrench knifeM16 rifleUnited States

Question 9: Magal: A law enforcement carbine variant of the Galil MAR chambered in ________.
.30 CarbineM1 carbineM1918 Browning Automatic RifleM2 Browning machine gun

Question 10: It can be replaced with a ________ which requires the use of subsonic ammunition for maximum effectiveness.
.22 Long RifleHeckler & Koch MP5SuppressorUnited States

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