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ICD-10 Chapter VI: Diseases of the nervous system: Quiz


Question 1: median nerve (________, Ape hand deformity)
AcromegalyCarpal tunnel syndromeFibromyalgiaObesity

Question 2: (G02.) ________ in other infectious and parasitic diseases classified elsewhere

Question 3: (G40.4) Other generalized ________ and epileptic syndromes
Partial seizureLafora diseaseEpilepsyGeneralised epilepsy

Question 4: (G93.) Other disorders of ________
BrainSensory systemNervous systemDigestion

Question 5: (G43.9) ________, unspecified
Tension headacheHeadacheCluster headacheMigraine

Question 6: (G45.9) ________, unspecified
Transient ischemic attackThalamic syndromeVertebrobasilar insufficiencyCerebrovascular disease

Question 7: (G93.4) ________, unspecified
Alzheimer's diseaseIntracranial pressureHepatic encephalopathyEncephalopathy

Question 8: (G24.9) ________, unspecified
Parkinson's diseaseDystoniaAlzheimer's diseaseParkinsonism

Question 9: (G80.4) ________ cerebral palsy
Restless legs syndromeTremorIntention tremorAtaxia

Question 10:
  • (G11.0) Congenital nonprogressive ________
    Restless legs syndromeIntention tremorTremorAtaxia


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