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ICD-10 Chapter IX: Diseases of the circulatory system: Quiz


Question 1:
  • (I42.0) ________
    Dilated cardiomyopathyMyocardial infarctionHypertrophic cardiomyopathyHeart failure

Question 2: (I63.3) Cerebral infarction due to ________ of cerebral arteries
Cerebral venous sinus thrombosisLymphedemaDeep vein thrombosisThrombosis

Question 3:
  • (I23.0) Haemopericardium as current complication following ________
    Ischaemic heart diseaseHeart failureMyocardial infarctionCoronary artery disease

Question 4: (I60.5) ________ from vertebral artery
Intracranial hemorrhageSubarachnoid hemorrhageCerebral hemorrhageStroke

Question 5:

Question 6: (I61.1) ________ in hemisphere, cortical
Subarachnoid hemorrhageCerebral hemorrhageEpidural hematomaIntracranial hemorrhage

Question 7: (I50.9) ________, unspecified
Myocardial infarctionAtrial fibrillationHeart failureHypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Question 8: (I80-I89) Diseases of veins, lymphatic vessels and ________, not elsewhere classified
Immune systemSpleenLymph nodeLymphatic system

Question 9: (I00.) ________ without mention of heart involvement
Rheumatic feverSubacute bacterial endocarditisMyocarditisTuberculous pericarditis

Question 10: (I79.) Disorders of ________, arterioles and capillaries in diseases classified elsewhere
Arterial treeArterySystemic circulationBlood vessel


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