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Question 1:
When was ICANN founded?
1998, Toronto, ON, Canada

Question 2: The Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) deals with policy making on ________ (gTLDs).
Generic top-level

Question 3: One task that ICANN was asked to do was to address the issue of domain name ownership resolution for ________ (gTLDs).
.govGeneric top-level

Question 4: The Country Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO) deals with policy making on ________ (ccTLDs). code top-level domain

Question 5: Along with the successful negotiations of the .travel and .jobs namespace, ________, and .cat are some of the new top-level domains introduced by ICANN.

Question 6: The introduction of the ________ Top Level Domain to the root in violation of RFC 1591[nb 1], and the introduction of .asia are developments to watch.
.euCountry code top-level

Question 7: The letter also stresses the separate roles of the IANA and ________.

Question 8: More generically, ICANN is responsible for managing the assignment of domain names and ________.
IP addressIPv4IPv6Classless Inter-Domain Routing

Question 9: ICANN remains in the same building where he worked, which is home to an office of the Information Sciences Institute at the ________.
Stanford UniversityCalifornia Institute of TechnologyUniversity of California, Los AngelesUniversity of Southern California

Question 10: The original mandate for ICANN came from the United States government, spanning the presidential administrations of both ________ and George W. Bush.
Ed RendellBill ClintonAl GoreHoward Dean


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