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IBM Personal Computer: Quiz


Question 1:
When was IBM Personal Computer discontinued?

Question 2:
What type is thing is IBM Personal Computer?

Question 3: Main article ________
Motorola 68000Influence of the IBM-PC on the personal computer marketIBM PC compatibleMicroprocessor

Question 4: Regardless of type, the file system of all floppy disks (under DOS) was ________.
Microsoft WindowsNTFSOpen XML Paper SpecificationFile Allocation Table

Question 5:
When was IBM Personal Computer released?

Question 6: The importance of the keyboard was definitely established when the 1983 ________ flopped, in very large part for having a much different and mediocre Chiclet keyboard that made a poor impression on customers.
IBM PCjrIBM Personal ComputerCommodore 64Home computer

Question 7: A ________ could not be installed into the 5150's system unit without retrofitting a stronger power supply, but an "Expansion Unit", a.k.a.
Floppy diskHard disk driveUniversal Serial BusUSB flash drive

Question 8: The original IBM PC 40 kiB ROM included 8 kiB for power-on self-test (POST) and basic input/output system (________) functions plus 32 kiB BASIC in ROM (Cassette BASIC).
BIOSMacintoshOperating systemExtensible Firmware Interface

Question 9: The original character set is known as ________.
ISO/IEC 8859-1Windows-1252ISO/IEC 8859-15Code page 437

Question 10: For example, ________ allowed use of a CGA card for graphics and a separate monochrome board for text menus.
AutoLISPDesign Web Format.dwgAutoCAD


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