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Question 1: Most competing platforms have either died off or been relegated to niche, enthusiast markets like the ________.
Amiga 4000Amiga 4000TAmiga 1200Amiga

Question 2: ________ used this technique from its earliest incarnations.
Turbo PascalEmbarcadero DelphiFree PascalPascal (programming language)

Question 3: In a crucial concession, IBM's agreement allowed Microsoft to sell its own version, ________, for non-IBM platforms.
CP/MOS/2Microsoft WindowsMS-DOS

Question 4: ________, WYSIWYG word processors, presentation software and remote communication software established new markets that exploited the PC's strengths, but required capabilities beyond what MS-DOS provided.
Microsoft CalcGnumericSpreadsheet

Question 5: End-users could readily upgrade peripherals and to some degree, processor and memory without modifying the computer's motherboard or replacing the whole computer, as was the case with many of the ________ of the time.
Personal computerHome computerMicrocomputerMicrocontroller

Question 6: There was no Microsoft-branded MS-DOS: MS-DOS could not be purchased directly from Microsoft, and each OEM release was packaged with the ________ of the given PC vendor.
Supplemental RegisterLanham ActPrincipal RegisterTrade dress

Question 7: Until then Microsoft was primarily focused on computer languages such as ________.
BASICAtari BASICVisual Basic .NETVisual Basic

Question 8: On 12 August 1981, the first ________ went on sale.
DOSIBM PC compatibleIBM Personal ComputerPersonal computer

Question 9: The ________ on "conventional" system memory available to MS-DOS is a legacy of that period; other non-clone machines did not have this limit.
Extended memoryUpper memory areaHigh memory areaConventional memory

Question 10: Descendants of the IBM PC compatibles make up the majority of ________ on the market today, although interoperability with the bus structure and peripherals of the original PC architecture may be limited or non-existent.
Home computerMicrocontrollerMicrocomputerPersonal computer

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