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Question 1: The ethereal sound was created by laboriously building up multiple overdubs of the voices of Stewart, ________, Godley and Creme singing a single note in unison.
Eric StewartHotlegsGraham Gouldman10cc

Question 2: "I'm Not in Love" is a song written by Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman of the English group ________, from the album The Original Soundtrack.
HotlegsGodley & Creme10ccDoctor Father

Question 3: This process was repeated across all sixteen tracks to create a lush 256-voice "virtual" ________ that could "sing" chromatic chords.
Baroque musicChoirMass (music)Opera

Question 4: The song is taken from their debut album called '________' and it appeared on Clubland 10 as "I'm Not In Love 2006".
Mike Di ScalaUltrabeat – The AlbumSure Feels GoodUltrabeat (British band)

Question 5: Originally written around a ________ style beat and tempo, Lol Creme suggested slowing it down, while Kevin Godley suggested replacing the beat with a built-up wall of voices.
Latin jazzJazzBossa novaJazz standard

Question 6: A collaborative effort built around a title by ________, "I'm Not in Love", is notable for its innovative production, especially its choral backing.
Graham Gouldman10ccEric StewartHotlegs

Question 7: [1] A number of these prepared multi-tracks were then cut into several ________, each of which contained the basic notes of the main chords used in the song.
Control flowSoftware bugInfinite loopArbitrary-precision arithmetic


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