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Hypoxanthine: Quiz


Question 1: ________ converts hypoxanthine into IMP in nucleotide salvage.
Hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferaseAmidophosphoribosyltransferaseAdenine phosphoribosyltransferasePurine nucleoside phosphorylase

Question 2: It is occasionally found as a constituent of nucleic acids where it is present in the ________ of tRNA in the form of its nucleoside inosine.
Mitochondrial DNATransfer RNAMitochondrionCreatine kinase

Question 3: Because of its resemblance to guanine, the spontaneous deamination of adenine can lead to an error in ________/replication.
RNATranscription (genetics)Gene expressionPost-transcriptional regulation

Question 4: For example it is commonly a required reagent in malaria parasite cultures since ________ requires a source of hypoxanthine for nucleic acid synthesis and energy metabolism.
Plasmodium ovalePlasmodium vivaxPlasmodium falciparumCryptosporidiosis

Question 5: It is one of the products of the action of xanthine oxidase on xanthine, though more normally in purine degradation, hypoxanthine is formed from reduction of ________ by xanthine oxidoreductase.


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