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Hyponatremia: Quiz


Question 1: Cynthia Lucero, who collapsed between miles 19 and 20 (31 and 32 km) of the ________ in 2002 was the second person ever to die in the history of the race.
New York City MarathonChicago MarathonBoston MarathonBerlin Marathon

Question 2: Craig Barrett, a New Zealand athlete, collapsed during a 50 km walk, probably due to ________.
DehydrationWater intoxicationDiureticHyponatremia

Question 3: Matthew Carrington, a student at California State University in ________, died of hyponatremia in February 2005 during a fraternity hazing ritual.
Oroville, CaliforniaRedding, CaliforniaButte County, CaliforniaChico, California

Question 4: ________, a Sydney schoolgirl who died after taking ecstasy in 1995 and then consuming too much water.
RaveIllegal drug tradeAnna Wood (schoolgirl)Heroin

Question 5: In the setting of ________, intravenous administration of normal saline may be effective.
DehydrationHypokalemiaAcid-base imbalanceHypovolemia

Question 6: James McBride, a police officer with the ________, died of hyponatremia on August 10, 2005.
Metropolitan Police Department of the District of ColumbiaMassachusetts State PolicePuerto Rico Police DepartmentCalifornia Highway Patrol

Question 7: In January 2007, Jennifer Strange, a woman in ________, died following a water-drinking contest sponsored by a local radio station, Sacramento-based KDND-FM.
Sacramento, CaliforniaLos AngelesSan Jose, CaliforniaSan Diego

Question 8: These include nausea, pain, and ________ drugs such as codeine and morphine.
OpiateOpioidPoppy teaOpium

Question 9: ________ research conducted in the northern Thai highlands in the 1970s found that an endemic sodium deficiency masked all other nutrient deficiencies across all seasons and reduced productivity.
BiotechnologyAgricultural scienceAgricultureMicrobiology

Question 10: [9] The contest was called "________".

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