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Question 1: If left untreated, hypomania can transition into ________ and sometimes psychosis, in which case, Bipolar I Disorder is often diagnosed.
Major depressive disorderSchizoaffective disorderBipolar disorderMania

Question 2: Hypomania appears to be found disproportionately in successful people, especially those in the ________.
The artsFine artPerforming artsHumanities

Question 3: Hypomania is a feature of two mood disorders: bipolar II disorder and ________, but can also occur in schizoaffective disorder.
Major depressive disorderBipolar disorderDelusionCyclothymia

Question 4: ________ front man Thom Yorke reportedly responded, "Hypomania?
In RainbowsRadioheadOK ComputerKid A

Question 5: A number of people with creative talents have reportedly experienced hypomania or other symptoms of ________ and attribute their success to it.
PsychosisMajor depressive disorderSchizoaffective disorderBipolar disorder

Question 6: Yes, that's exactly what it was," when asked about his mental state after the release of the group's album ________.
RadioheadParanoid AndroidOK ComputerKid A

Question 7: When a patient presents with a history of one or more hypomanic episodes and one or more depressive episodes that meet the criteria for a ________, Bipolar II Disorder is diagnosed.
Major depressive disorderBipolar disorderMajor depressive episodeHypersomnia

Question 8: However, unlike full-blown ________, those with hypomanic systems are generally fully functioning.
Schizoaffective disorderBipolar disorderMajor depressive disorderMania

Question 9: The ________ defines a hypomanic episode as including, over the course of at least four days, elevated mood plus three of the following symptoms OR irritable mood plus four of the following symptoms:
SchizophreniaClassification of mental disordersMental disorderDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

Question 10: Specifically, it is distinguished from ________ by the absence of psychotic symptoms and by its lower degree of impact on functioning.
Major depressive disorderManiaSchizoaffective disorderBipolar disorder


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