Hypogonadism: Quiz

Question 1: An example of a hypogonadism resulting from the lack of hormone response is ________, where there are inadequate receptors to bind the testosterone, resulting in a female appearance despite XY chromosomes.
Laron syndromeDiabetes insipidusAndrogen insensitivity syndromeKallmann syndrome

Question 2: Defective egg or sperm development results in ________.
Female infertilityReproductive system diseaseInfertilityVulvovaginal health

Question 3: Examples include ________ and Turner syndrome.
Down syndromeKlinefelter's syndromeAneuploidyXYY syndrome

Question 4: Noonan syndrome, Turner syndrome (45X,0), ________ (47XXY), XX males with SRY gene
AneuploidyXYY syndromeKlinefelter's syndromeDown syndrome

Question 5: An example of acquired hypogonadism is the ________ Induced Hypogonadism (ASIH), and childhood mumps.
Anabolic steroidTestosteroneDihydrotestosteroneDehydroepiandrosterone

Question 6: A ________ can reduce hormonal production as well.
Abdominal aortic aneurysmVaricoceleAortic dissectionDeep vein thrombosis

Question 7: Hypogonadism is often discovered during evaluation of ________, but ordinary delay, which eventually results in normal pubertal development, wherein reproductive function is termed constitutional delay.
Growth hormone deficiencyHypopituitarismAndrogen insensitivity syndromeDelayed puberty

Question 8: An example of congenital hypogonadism (present at birth) in females is Turner syndrome, and in males is ________.
Klinefelter's syndromeAneuploidyXYY syndromeDown syndrome

Question 9: The term hypogonadism is usually applied to permanent rather than transient or reversible defects, and usually implies deficiency of reproductive hormones, with or without ________ defects.
PregnancyFertilitySexual intercourseMasturbation

Question 10: Similar to men, the LH and FSH will be used, particularly in women who believe they are in ________.
Follicular phaseMenstrual cycleMenopauseOvulation

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Hypogonadism)